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  1. Grab the appropriate box for the item.
    • Grab the appropriate box for the item.

    • Note: The box should fit the item you are shipping while leaving room for packaging material.

    • Press the creased edges along the longer sides of the box.

    • Locate the two open ends of the box.

    • At each end there are two small flaps attached to the narrow sides of the box.

    • Press these flaps towards the inside of the box until they are perpendicular.

    • On the side where you folded in the two smaller flaps, locate the long and narrow flap that is flat along the outer edge.

    • Locate the part of the flap with a crease and fold the top portion with the crease inwards until it is perpendicular.

    • Fold the entire flap inwards until it is flush with the top of the box.

    • Fold down the rounded rectangular flap that is attached to the other flap and insert it into the slit on the side of the box.

    • Insert the item into the box.

    • Fill the box with the appropriate packaging materials.

    • Apply the proper label to the box for shipping.

    • For international boxes, remember to attach the additional label.

    • Close up the end of the box just as you did with the other end.

    • Apply a single, straight line of tape around the box.

    • Be sure to go fully around the box with the tape.

    • Do not overlap tape multiple times.

    • Check for coupling misalignment

      • Parallel offset - notice that the coupling top and bottom piece do not share the same axis of rotation

    • Using s6 Allen key, loosen the 4 M8 hex screw

    • Remove all 4 loosened M8 hex screws

      • Be careful not to hit the load cell unnecessarily, as this will affect the accuracy of the device.

    • Use 1/2" wrench to remove bolt.

    • You may need to use a little WD40 to break the bolt loose.

    • Use degreaser here.

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