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  • Level 1 Safety Training
  • CNC Operation Training


Please make sure you have the following PPE:

  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Safety Glasses
  1. Check that the probe system and connections to the equipment are each functioning correctly.
    • Check that the probe system and connections to the equipment are each functioning correctly.

      • Parts Required for this Step: 12133, 13131, 43121, 48382, 28392, 28210.

        • Reminder: Make sure to remove the spindle before starting the process.

    • Prior to beginning this procedure check to see if the fuse is dead. If the fuse is dead go here.

      • Note: View the Ring Gauge item page for more detailed part information.

    • Refer to the Wiring Diagram prior to starting step 4.

  2. In MDI, enter: M59 P1134.
    • In MDI, enter: M59 P1134.

    • Hold the Work Probe within range of the OMI. Press and Hold CYCLE START.

    • Gently depress the stylus, the control pendant will beep indicating the probe is activated.

    • View MSDS here

    • Contact Supervisor is there is a problem

    • Test Indicator accurate to 0.0005" or 0.013 mm

    • Magnetic Base to mount the Indicator

    • Calibration Bar , generally consisting of a 1/2" or 12 mm gauge pin clamped in a collet style toolholder.

    • Ring Gauge typcally with a 2.000" or 50.000 mm bore.

    • Note: an accurately bored hole in a part or fixture can also be used in place of the Ring Gauge.

    • Rotate the probe by hand to check runout.

    • If runout exceeds 0.0005" or 0.013 mm, adjustment is required.

    • Enter the runout reading.

    • Now enter the Spindle length. Use the value you wrote down in Step 1.

    • Next, enter the runout reading previously noted in Step 4.


    • This completes the calibration routine and the status box will display COMPLETED.

    • With the Work Probe runout set within specification and both Probes calibrated, the machine is ready to measure tools and work pieces using the WIPS probing routines.

    • Please complete [invalid guide link]

    • Insert the Work Probe into the spindle.

    • Place the magnetic base on the table and align the indicator tip to the probe's stylus.

    • Jog the axes in 0.001 inch increments until the indicator touches the stylus.

    • With the indicator tip set against the stylus press E-STOP, so the probe isn’t accidentally ejected during adjustment.

    • Record calibration test results.

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