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Environmental Monitoring Decision Making and Risk Assessment Form

The following summarizes the discussions and thought process that impacted the decisions for the new Environmental Monitoring Program

Description: SQF code edition 8 section 2.4.8 requires environmental monitoring.

This documents the reasoning regarding microbial risks and benefits associated with

environmental monitoring of three (3) piece food containers, components and

aerosol top manufacturing at the Columbus, Ohio Plant.

Hazard and Risk Analysis Components

Biological Hazards:

  • Incoming materials:
    • Steel has no water activity and will not support microbial growth. The steel undergoes high temperature thermal processing which would destroy any potential microbial growth. Sourced steel arrives fully wrapped and only from approved suppliers.
    • Other direct contact materials such as copper wire, side seam stripe, and compound have negligible water activity and will not support microbial growth. These supplies are sourced only from approved suppliers. There has been no history or trends of microbial growth with any contact materials.
  • Equipment and processes:
    • We process in a dry environment with no water used in the process. All contact is automated, with no human contact. The slitter bed, transport, beader and palletizer mats were identified as the areas with most contact.
    • Initial microbial testing was carried out on unsanitized equipment. Line 4, 4 samples each on slitter bed, transport, beader and palletizer mat. Refer to Merieux COA OHI-41382767-0 dated 7/12/18. Results indicate microbial contamination is a low risk.

Chemical Hazards: N/A

Physical Hazards: N/A

Legal or Regulatory Expectations: Required but not mandatory for SQF code edition 8, section 2.4.8

Customer Expectations: Some customers require SQF certification; therefore compliance to SQF edition 8.

Conclusion: Based on this risk assessment and microbial test results, we are at low risk for microbial hazards.

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