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IN160400 / Ridge Engineering / FILE LISTING - QC CODES

001 INCOMPLETE04/19/00Operation or process unfinished. Missing features or elements of manufacture.
002 DIMENSIONAL04/19/00Error in location or size of a feature or element. A measurable defect, having an assignable numerical value.
003 PLANNING04/19/00Defective as a result of router or prerelease. Administrative function error.
004 WORKMANSHIP04/19/00Mishandling of material resulting in damage. Lacking in overall quality of task. Cosmetic defects.
005 ASSEMBLY04/19/00Error in hardware type, installation, orientation of elements or process.
006 OUTSIDE VENDOR04/19/00Defect related to a process or operation performed by an outside supplier or subcontractor
007 PAINT04/19/00Error in type, color, application or process
008 WELDING04/19/00Error in type, orientation of elements, symbology or process
009 MARKING04/19/00Error in type, color, orientation, spelling, order or process.
010 MATERIAL04/19/00Error made in type or stock as a result of incorrect selection.
011 BRAZING04/19/00Error in orientation of elements, symbology or process.
012 FINISH04/19/00Defect related to type, appearance or process. Applies to in-house chemical film and passivation.
013 HEAT TREAT04/19/00Error in process
014 FIRST PC.07/07/00Error on first piece submitted for proofing a manufacturing operation
015 INTERPRETATION04/02/01Error as a result of incorrect interpretation of drawing specifications or work instructions.
016 DOCUMENTATION04/02/01Documentation error, inconsistency in paperwork tracking or database information.
017 FOD11/14/11Foreign object debris or damage.
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