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Issue: XT058 Cracks

  • On 5/1/2011 4 nEw3 MA07435A023 hybrids failed FF Test and were found to have cracks on the C10/C11 XT058 Tantalum cap.
  • On 5/1/2011 there were also 2 hybrid scrapped for damage on the C31/C35 XT058 Tantalum Cap
  • Investigation of issue found that there was one XT058 lot affected.
    • 2LVCD
  • Hold H11-008.01 was put in place to capture all hybrids built with the suspect lot 2LVCD.
  • There were 573 MA07435A023 hybrids identified and all were contained here at MTC.
    • No hybrids were shipped to the facilities.


Per the 0602328 Visual Inspection of Hybrid Modules, the cracked condition fails section 7.2.1. which states:

  • Defects
    • Holes, voids, gouges and cracks in body:
      • 1. Mechanical or handling damage, gouges or other defects that penetrate through the molded shell exposing any underlying layers or metal are rejectable.
  • Investigation, PAL analysis and data review, it was determined to re-inspect all affected hybrids.
  • All 573 held hybrids will be re-inspected with emphasis on the XT058 locations.
    • C10, C11, C20, C21, C31 and C35
Block Image

Inspect XT058 caps

  • Inspect the XT058 tantalum caps only, at 20X or higher.
  • Tilt hybrid in different angles to get the best view in between both sides of the tantalum caps.
  • The crack is typically in the same area, through the “106” ink mark on top of the cap.
Block Image
  • The crack extends from the top, down the right side and under the cap
Block Image
  • NOTE: It is very important to angle the hybrid in different directions because not all cracks are clearly visible.
Block Image
  • If hybrids are found with the cracked condition, place on hold with comment:
    • //PR, CXX Cracked
    • Segregate from acceptable product
    • Contact QA for review and disposition of held hybrids.
    • Contact QA when all activities are completed

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