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Recall Manual

Ball recall manual.

Ball Recall Contact Number and Emergency Contact Procedure

Main Contact Phone Number1 303 469 5511
Security Number1 303 460 2323

Recall Management Team Contact Name and Numbers - See Appendix

1. Initial Contact

When a customer or supplier contacts Ball on the above number and the caller indicates that a recall is underway or should be initiated; the following information is to be collected by the person receiving the call:

  • Caller name
  • Identification of company represented
  • Caller telephone number
  • Any other information the caller has identified to person receiving call

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The person receiving the call will assure the caller that a member of Ball’s recall management team will contact them.

If possible, the call will be forwarded directly to the responsible person listed on the Recall Management Team contacts list.

If not able to contact directly, the person receiving the call will initiate the call process with the first available team member on the contacts list.

Contact during day time will be using the person’s work number and email.

Contact during evening hours will be using the persons’ home number or cell number and email.

If the primary person is not available or does not respond in 30 minutes, then all alternates should be contacted using work, home numbers and email.

The operator will log the call and the time the call was made.

The prime person or alternate receiving the alert will then return the phone call to the customer, supplier and/or regulatory agency and collect the Initial Contact Details for Recall.

If a call is made to a Ball plant location and the caller indicates that a recall is involved, the Plant Manager or Quality Assurance Manager/Quality Supervisor is to be contacted immediately.

The Plant Manager or Quality Assurance Manager/Quality Supervisor will collect the following information:

2. Initial Contact Information and Details for Recall

Reference “Recall Checklists and Reports”QP.05.0042” to Aid in Proper Documentation and Traceability.

  • Contact Information:
    • Company name
    • Prime contact name
    • Contact telephone number
  • What is the problem?
    • Illness
    • Chemical hazard
    • Physical hazard
    • Biological
  • Product details:
    • Item numbers
    • Quality
    • Product packed
    • Can codes
    • Pallet numbers
    • Ball plant involved
    • Quality as known
  • Retail details
    • Quality
    • Store locations
    • Any other details as available about issue
    • Have regulatory agencies been informed (ex: FDA, CFIA, SQFI or Certification Body)

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3. Recall Team and Responsibilities

  • Recall Team

The Corporate Management Recall teams’ names and numbers are located in the appendix of this manual. All Ball Facilities within Metal Food and Household have individual plant recall contacts list for each facility.

  • Responsibilities

The Plant Quality Assurance Manager/Quality Supervisor will inform deciding management of the suspect recall and information regarding suspect recall.

The Director of Quality or their designee will contact members of senior management that make up the Recall Team, and if necessary, using assistance of the Ball Security Department.

The Director Quality, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, the Technical Services Director, or their designees, will have leadership responsibility in an event regarding a recall. They will call upon the resources at hand to manage the recall.

The Director of Quality or his designee will monitor the effectiveness of the recall process; and insure any changes required to maintain effectiveness, is communicated to appropriate departments or facilities.

4. Recall Decision

The plant Quality Assurance Manager/Quality Supervisor will inform the following people immediately, if it is determined that in their opinion, a potential health risk exists or if they have been informed by either a customer or government agency representative that requires an investigation regarding a health risk:

  • Plant Manager
  • Director of Quality

The decision to conduct a recall is made when the following are advised about either a recall being initiated or the potential existence of a health risk and the Director of Quality confers with the:

  • Technical Services Director
  • Vice President of Manufacturing
  • Directors of Manufacturing
  • Vice President of Sales and Marketing
  • Vice President of Global Sourcing (if a supplier is identified to be involved)
  • Law Department
  • Corporate Relations and Communications
  • And any other representatives as deemed necessary

5. Communications Control

A record of all communications will be kept at all times.

The Director of Quality or their alternate will either keep a record of all communications or delegate that responsibility for the corporate role of the recall.

Where necessary the Ball Facilities QA Manager/Quality Supervisor at the plant will keep records associated with recall communications for the plant role of the recall.

  • Contact with Customers

If a recall is underway the Director’s of Quality together with the Vice President Sales and Marketing will determine the best method of communication with the Ball customer or government agency. The use of local based Technical Service representatives or Sales Managers may be employed.

  • Contact with Suppliers

For supplier initiated potential recall, Directors of and Technical Service; together with the Vice President Global Sourcing will determine the best communication with the supplier.

Only the Vice President of Global Sourcing or designee’ will have contact with the supplier.

  • Contact with Government Agencies

Only the Director of Technical Services or designee’ will have contact with a government agency.

  • Contact with the Media

Only the Corporate Communications group will have communications to the media.

6. Recall Notifications

With the information available above, the Director of Quality will publish a letter covering the following details:

  • Ball decision to initiate a recall
  • The nature of the critical defect
  • The can size / product and item number
  • The production code lots
  • Dates of delivery
  • Instruction regarding technical contact at Ball (Director of Technical Services)
  • Instruction regarding sales contact at Ball (Vice President of Sales and Marketing)

The Vice President of Sales and Marketing; with assistance from Sales Directors and Managers’, will use the customer database in QAD/MFG PRO to contact the customers identified above. These customers will be contacted by phone as well as faxed a copy of the letter mentioned above.

7. Management of the Recall

  • Scope of Recall

Based on information supplied by the customer or supplier, the plant Quality Assurance Manager/Quality Supervisor will identify all lots of product (cans, ends, plate, etc.) involved.

The Director of Quality, based upon the available information, will determine the scope of the recall involved. (Additional product lots or dates of manufacture at potential risk)

  • Suspected Product on Hold (HFI)

The plant Quality Assurance Manager/Quality Supervisor will identify all product lots, locations and shipment dates of the affected recall product. A report will be issued to the people identified by the Director of Quality. All product associated with the recall is to be placed on HFI following non-conforming product protocol.

  • Suspected Product at Outside Warehouse Locations

For product shipped to outside warehouse locations, the Director of Quality will direct either the local Ball plant or the local Technical service representatives or Sales Managers to visit the warehouses and place all suspected product involved on the recall on HFI. As product is identified at external locations, this information is communicated to the appropriate Ball facility Quality Assurance Manager/Quality Supervisor.

The plant Quality Assurance manager will inform the Director of Quality when all product that was shipped to outside warehouse locations is under control.

  • Suspected Product at Customer Locations

The Technical Services Director, with assistance as required from local based Technical Services Representatives, will coordinate with the customers to ensure all suspected product at the customer locations is captured and placed on HFI.

The Technical Services Director will inform the Director of Quality when all suspected product at the customers’ location(s) is under control.


Corporate Level Recall Management Team
Paul Waldmiller Director, Technical
Christina Weeks, Manager, Quality
Additional Required Regulatory Contacts
NameContact InformationPhoneFax
SQFIfoodsafetycrisis@sqfi.com202-220-0635n/aWithin 24 hours of event
Eagle Registrationsfoodsafety@eaglecertificationgroup.com937-293-2000n/aWithin 24 hours of event
Ball MFHP Certification Body Representativemailto:info@eaglecertificationgroup.com800 795 3641937 293 0220Within 24 hours of event
FDAhttp://www.fda.govn/an/aWhen decision is made to recall

Definitions of Recall Situations

*Recalls are actions taken by a firm to remove a product from the market. Recalls may be conducted on a firm's own initiative, by FDA request, or by FDA order under statutory authority.

  • Class I recall: a situation in which there is a reasonable probability that the use of or exposure to a volatile product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death. Requires public notification
  • Class II recall: a situation in which use of or exposure to a volatile product may cause temporary or medically reversible adverse health consequences or where the probability of serious adverse health consequences is remote. Requires public notification
  • Class III recall: a situation in which use of or exposure to a volatile product is not likely to cause adverse health consequences. May or may not require public notification- FDA authorities will make decision
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